Flemish Folktales Retold by Signe Maene

by Signe Maene

About the Book

A witch prefers the company of her owls over her neighbours and has a night of eerie fun, a man’s corpse is stolen by devils and his coffin filled with stones, a skeleton is invited to a sumptuous dinner, a shapeshifter chases terrified souls over the meadows and a cursed hawk hunts beasts and men. These are just a couple of the beings who haunt this collection of Flemish folktales.

Book Cover by Flemish Folktales Retold by Signe Maene

This new retelling of thirty-six stories remains truthful to the original tales as they were once told around the fireside many moons ago. Breathing new life into age-old lore, these reimaginings give a voice to the shunned witches, explore the inner thoughts of creatures ostensibly described as grisly and ghastly, and immerse readers in the harrowing experiences of those unwantedly thrust into frightful narratives.

Prepare for a beautiful and dark journey, where each step may lead you into the sometimes chilling, often strange, and eternally enchanting realms of Flanders.


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